May 4, 2015 Mitrushi

Blogs from some of our SIX03 family


Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson lives in Madison, NH and is one of the newest members of the SIX03 family. If you’ve ever run a road race in NH, then you’ve probably heard of him!  Jim’s blog offers race reviews and training methods.  Check out Jim’s blog here.








Kailey Hutchison Ingerman

Kailey Hutchison Ingerman is a long time SIX03 member and avid blogger. Looking for race reviews, helpful running hints, or maybe a music playlist?  Check out Kailey’s blog here.








Leslie O’Dell

Leslie O’Dell is also a new SIX03’er.  Leslie has been on many adventures and shares her love for the outdoors on her blog.  Looking for more than just race reviews and running?  Then check out Leslie’s blog here.








Sarah Canney

Sarah Canney is also a new SIX03 member and a long time blogger and coach.  Sarah is a big fan of the 603 and running.  Seems like a perfect fit!  Sarah’s blog also offers more than just running.  Check out Sarah’s blog here.








Jeff Norcia

Jeff Norcia has been with SIX03 for a year.  He is a marathoner and triathlete… oh yeah, and a blogger.  Follow his “kickin’ blog” here.

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