Distance running can be tough! As crazy as it sounds, our sport is used as other sports’ punishment. But, with a smart, focused, and flexible training plan, distance running can be fun, rewarding, and something you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Throughout the 20+ years I’ve been running, I’ve raced every distance from the mile on the track to 100-mile trail races. My main focus and love lies in racing ultramarathons; however, I very much enjoy road racing, mountain running, and canicross (running with your dog!).  I’m an “any surface, any distance” sort of runner, so chances are I’ve trained for a race that is similar to your goal race!  With personalized one-on-one coaching, I’ll provide you with weekly training guides, extensive feedback, and a chance to adjust training plans on the fly to suit your life and goals. We’ll discuss mental preparation, nutrition/hydration, injury prevention, and race strategies along the way. There’s no one right way to get to the starting line, but I want to make sure you get there healthy, excited, and prepared for whatever challenge you decide to take on!

Everyone’s journey is different. As a coach, I want to help you along your path by creating a personalized program for you to reach your goals. I’m just as excited to work with new runners looking for structure and accountability as I am to work with seasoned athletes striving for new personal records.

Why choose Harrier and Hounds?
  • Road Runners Club of America Certified Coach – Level 1

  • 20+ years of running experience

  • Success on roads, trails, and mountains, from the 5k to 100 miles

  • Regularly consults with kinesiology, nutrition, and sport psychology researchers

  • Race director (Dixon’s Revenge)

  • High school cross country coach

  • Experience running and racing with dogs

  • Member of SIX03 Endurance, the largest running club in New Hampshire

More: https://www.harrierandhoundscoaching.com/