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NH Grand Prix Kicks Off: Lebanon Shamrock Shuffle 5k Race Results, Highlights and Analysis

Lebanon, NH – SIX03 members joined nearly 1,000 other racers to run through cold and rain on Saturday, March 14, 2015, for the Lebanon Shamrock Shuffle, the first race in the NH Grand Prix.

SIX03 Earns 4th Despite Low Numbers: Lee, Garfield Lead the Way in First Leg of the NH Grand Prix

Ten runners represented SIX03, pulling the team into 4th in the team scoring after one race in the NH Grand Prix:

Name Hometown Gender Age Time Pace Overall (993) Division
Colin Lee Dover, NH M 25 16:54 5:26 3rd 2nd
Matt Garfield Well, ME M 27 17:36 5:40 7th 5th
Sam Harkinson Portsmouth, NH M 29 18:28 5:56 12th 8th
Tim Horan Dover, NH M 33 18:33 5:58 16th 1st
Lucy Garfield Dover, NH F 24 18:38 5:59 18th 2nd
Alex Shaffer Dover, NH M 28 19:43 6:20 40th 13th
Tom Hooper Lee, NH M 36 19:57 6:25 44th 5th
Michael Denning Weare, NH M 29 23:13 7:28 136th 27th
Tracy Burton Dover, NH F 34 .24:55 8:01 204th 17th
Katrina Parent Dover, NH F 26 .25:19 8:08 224th 21st

Top 5 Overall Finishers

Name Club Time Pace
Josh Fontaine Unattached 16:17 5:14
Alex Hall UVRC 16:27 5:17
Colin Lee SIX03 16:54 5:26
Mike Giberti GDTC 17:03 5:29
Rod Edson UVRC 17:31 5:38

Team Scoring

Competing on their unofficial home course for the Grand Prix, the Upper Valley Running Club jumped out to a big lead early in the series:

Club Points
Upper Valley Running Club 227
Greater Derry Track Club 118
Granite State Racing Team 53
SIX03 Endurance 51
Gate City Striders 50
Athletic Alliance 9

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Race Analysis

For a race in the Upper Valley (mountainous terrain) this course was not too bad. The first mile features a flat opening segment, a slight uphill portion, and then a big downhill stretch; the second mile rolls gently, and the final mile has a big uphill segment that makes up all of the elevation lost in the first mile. This hill tops out somewhere between 0.4 and 0.5 miles from the finish line, so you definitely don’t want to start your kick from the top of the hill, but at the same time you can definitely push from this point and not blow up. The final turn before the finish is about 100m out, so if you are someone who likes to wait until you can see the finish to really turn it on, be aware of that. For those of you who are time oriented, the first mile will definitely be the fastest, but not by a huge margin; you can reasonably expect the final mile to be faster than the average of the first two.

Despite the relative easiness of the course, this is definitely not a fast race (for those of you looking to set personal bests in your first race of the season). It can’t be said with exact certainty how this course compares to some of the better-known NH 5ks, but it does have a fair amount of elevation change to slow things down. Additionally, the weather is not likely to be suited for super fast attempts, as mid-March is not known for its consistently warm and sunny days. However, if you are a grind-it-out runner who likes dropping people late in the race, this is absolutely the course for you!

The event itself was well organized and very enjoyable. There were volunteers throughout the course, and a decent number of locals came out to support the event. At many races one can feel as though they are merely passing through a street or neighborhood, but here, the community came together around the event, and it felt like we were part of something exciting.

Course Map & Elevation Profile

 Shamrock Shuffle 5k Course, Lebanon NH

Shamrock Shuffle 5k Elevation Profile, Lebanon NH

Shamrock Shuffle 5k Elevation Chart, Lebanon NH

*Image data collected from Garmin Forerunner 210, as uploaded to Garmin Connect. All official Shamrock Shuffle 5k information can be found here.


SIX03 thanks Lebanon Recreation and Parks for hosting the 2015 Lebanon Shamrock Shuffle, an event benefiting the Youth Activity Scholarships, as well as all sponsors and volunteers. Without all of you, all of us cannot enjoy doing what we love to do so much!

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